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How it Works

How Do We Do It?

With the help of people like you. Like the classic Israeli kibbutz, RenewIL is a collective of people focused on a goal bigger than ourselves: halting, and even reversing, the climate crisis. We do this in two steps:

Offset. Our entry point for climate-positive Israel travel is to collect $100 per traveler and allocate those funds to certified and verified climate-positive initiatives in Israel or climate-positive initiatives outside Israel that utilize Israeli products and services. This includes carbon sequestration, reforestation, renewable energy, climate-tech and food-tech ecosystem support, and more. All fund allocations are governed by the RenewIL Advisory Board, which includes policymakers, climate scientists and business leaders. 


To offset travel for yourself, your family or your group, contact us at

Immersive programming.  For adventurous travelers, especially those who want to get their hands dirty, we offer climate-related programming, including regenerative farming, food security and reforestation volunteering and exposure to inspiring non-proft and for-profit climate work in Israel. This programming creates an additional element of positivity that will leave participants inspired and thinking about climate responsibility back at home. 

To connect with RenewIL about climate programming for your Israel trip, email us at or Click Here.

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