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Why Now? Why Israel?


You’ve probably heard the saying: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Confronting climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and we can no longer wait to take action. 

The World

37 billion tons of CO2 and Greenhouse gasses (GHG) were emitted in 2022!  The Mediterranean region, including Israel, is seeing accelerated climate change as compared to other regions. While global average temperatures have risen 1 degree celsius in the past 130 years, the annual mean temperature in Israel increased by 1.4 degrees celsius in the last 70 years alone! According to the Institute for National Security Studies, this rise is expected to continue by an additional 1.2 degrees celsius by 2050.

The People

People are more concerned than ever about the climate. A 2021 Pew Research report showed that 76% of Gen Z said that the climate crisis is one of their biggest societal concerns.  And an October 2020 American Psychiatric Association (APA) study found that 67% of Gen Zers (18-23 years) and 63% of Millennials (24-39 years) are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ concerned about the impact of climate change on their mental health.



Israel and the Jewish people have always punched above their weight in addressing global challenges or shaping the future of their respective societies.  With the effects of climate change devastating populations across the globe, now is the time for the Jewish world to come together and marshal its collective resources and Israel's innovation mindset to be a force for good in shaping a better, healthier future.

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